Practical easy lifestyle changes

If you’re looking for simple ways to make your life more plastic and waste free, then this is the page for you:

Tip # 1: Remember you’re purchasing power is extreme!  What you buy (your demand) tells the stores (suppliers) what you really want.  Keep this in mind with every purchase or action (as these can be non-monetary) you do.  So you take that plastic straw once, that tells the store we still want plastic straws available!  Keep buying that same plastic toothbrush covered in plastic wrapping, guess what?!  Stores will keep stocking plastic toothbrushes with all that wasteful plastic.

Tip #2: It’s ok to look weird!  Weird is an ice-breaker, a conversation point, a way to live the life you want and discuss it with others.  I remember feeling weird taking a container to the deli section of the grocery store.  But no one really cares!  They ay ask you and you can say honestly and confidently, I don’t want the plastic bag or I’m going to transfer it to the container the minute I get home so I’m cutting out the middle man.  So, take the container next time.

Tip # 3: Research bulk stores near you.  This continues on from tip # 2 in taking containers with you when you shop.  Think about all the plastic packaging you’ll save.

Tip # 4: So you’re at the office, you want to get a coffee at the local cafe but you’ve forgotten your keep cup…  This would be enough to deter most people, but guess what, there is another solution!  At our office, we all walk over to the cafe with mugs from the kitchen if we’ve forgotten our keep cups or they’re dirty.  It’s about a 200m walk, sometimes through snow but the coffee is still warm and delicious but they time we make it back to our desks!  Give it a try next time.

Tip # 5: We should all know to carry bags when we go shopping at the grocery store but do you remember them whenever you go any other type of shopping?  My partner and I are in the habit and neither of us would leave the house without a stack of our re-usable bags, just in case there is something we remembered we needed to pick up.

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