Eco elc has been created by Sam, an Australia woman who loves challenging the boundaries.

Sam has the personality type that loves being around people, she loves hearing their stories and what drives them.  She finds passion is helping people achieve goals and making hard tasks appear easier.

Sam is also passionate about the environment around her, and for as long as she can remember she’s been intrigued by recycling, up cycling and generally doing better with the items around her.  After a talk at her primary school about waste, Sam came home and convinced her entire family to separate their waste to recyclables and composting.  The youngest of three kids with the natural knack of influencing people, the family listened and to this day composting & recycling is a big part of their lives.

In the world today, we see articles about the great pacific garbage patch, how there will be more plastic than fish by 2050, about global warming, and we feel removed from these large issues.  While we all wish we could do more and may start to make small changes in our lives, we don’t all have the time to research and find products that are plastic free and environmentally friendly, let alone finding where we can source them quickly and easily.

Eco elc was created as a result of Sam’s personal discussions with friends about the easy lifestyle choices she makes to be more eco-friendly and at her personal frustrations at seeing articles about these wonderful alternatives but finding it hard to source these items easily.

Eco elc was created to push boundaries, to allow you to think and act in a way that goes against the mainstream.  It’s about allowing you to achieve your dreams of an eco-friendly lifestyle easily.  It’s about banding together to show the world we can work together to make real changes, without giving up our lifestyle.

Eco elc aims to assist you in making easy lifestyle choices and sourcing everyday products that are plastic free so you can enjoy a guilt-free eco-friendly lifestyle.