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Let’s address the elephant in the room – Eco Elc (pronounced elk but stands loosely for easy lifestyle changes).

Eco Elc’s mission is to be a one-stop shop for all the plastic free alternatives for our everyday lives.  We know waste is a problem and we know plastic is a major contributor to that.  But when we look to cut back on our waste and our plastic consumption it can feel impossible!  Everywhere we turn, there’s plastic!

So, you find yourself taking your own bags to the shop, using your keep cup for that morning coffee, not using plastic straws but what else can you do to reduce your plastic consumption?  Enter eco elc!

Eco Elc is working hard to bring together all these amazing products that are plastic free to enhance your every day life.  We want to bring together all these amazing creators who are developing alternatives to our everyday products, but this is can be such a challenge they can only focus on one or two products, so eco elc is bringing them all together in one place!  Helping the creators and helping you!  As a bonus most of these products are also full of natural ingredients, and some are even vegan!  We will be as clear as we can be for what items are vegan, what the products are made of and how they’re reducing your plastic consumption.

We would also love to hear from you.  What products have you found you want to share with everyone else?  How can we enhance your experience with eco elc?  At the moment we are focusing our efforts on Australian customers but get in touch for international shipping.

Thanks for supporting us in our mission!

The ee team x

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