Eco Easy Lifestyle Change #1

Refuse! Eco elc is about bringing you eco-friendly easy lifestyle changes. And the first one is refuse!

I think we started this obsession with plastic items out of what we were told was convenience over the last 100 years. And now that is just a part of our daily routine. However, we have the choice and power to change that reliance and see convenience differently.

We can start by looking at all the plastic around us and step by step start refusing. If you’re just starting out on a reduced plastic journey then try to consciously refuse the following:

– plastic bags for groceries and fresh produce

– that take away coffee cup

– the plastic cutlery. Are you really in a rush? Can’t you eat in?

– that plastic straw. You can do without, it’ll still taste the same, I promise!

– cling wrap! Is there another way to save that food? I’m sure you’ll find the answer is yes! I don’t own cling wrap at all anymore and I can’t help but cringe when I see something wrapped in it.

Now, if you’ve been doing the above for a while and it’s now second nature, let’s dive a bit deeper:

– do you need that new bottle of shampoo? Try the health store, they may have a shampoo bar.

– what about that bag of food? Is there a bulk store nearby that you could get what you need without the plastic packaging? I like taking my own containers to the bulk store.

– how about that toothbrush? A bamboo handle saves at least some plastic from landfill

– that water bottle. If you’re like me, I live in the mountains where the tap water is some of the best! Even if you don’t, is the plastic here forever worth that little bit of water?

– kitchen sponges and cleaning items. Go for the washable cloths and sponges.

Wherever you are on your journey, every little bit helps and is progress! Plastic has been a convenience we don’t need, and a habit we can break.

Stay with me on this journey, I can’t wait to make it easy for you to just click on any of the above and buy them like that! No searching, no time wasting!

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