Natural but covered in plastic

I love seeing the evolution of products available that are chemical free and natural products that range from shampoo to soap to pet care.  The range of items available is changing every day and expanding.  This evolution really motivates me.

I want to see the evolution turn to offer these items in plastic free bottles and jars.  I honestly believe that by reducing the chemicals in the products we use we are only fighting one part of the battle.  The containers we use for these products stay within the environment longer than the chemicals we’re reducing by using natural ingredients.

I support the movements that we are seeing around removing straws and even today Grill’d committed to removing plastic straws from all of their stores.  It’s so good to see!!  What I would love Eco Elc to be is a place where you come and see what other options there are for you to try to remove plastic from your life.  I’d love for this to be where you come to find out news about other corporations committing to removing plastic.

So let’s work together.  Let’s make a conscious effort to try and remove plastic in our lives one item at a time and keep coming back here to see all the developments.

Perhaps you’ll commit to asking for no straw more often, or maybe you’ll research shampoo bars instead of liquid shampoo.  Whatever it is, I hope I can help you find it.

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