Welcome to Eco Elc

Let’s address the elephant in the room – Eco Elc (pronounced elk but stands loosely for easy lifestyle changes).

Eco Elc’s mission is to be a one-stop shop for all the plastic free alternatives for our everyday lives.  We know waste is a problem and we know plastic is a major contributor to that.  But when we look to cut back on our waste and our plastic consumption it can feel impossible!  Everywhere we turn, there’s plastic!

So, you find yourself taking your own bags to the shop, using your keep cup for that morning coffee, not using plastic straws but what else can you do to reduce your plastic consumption?  Enter eco elc!

Eco Elc is working hard to bring together all these amazing products that are plastic free to enhance your every day life.  We want to bring together all these amazing creators who are developing alternatives to our everyday products, but this is can be such a challenge they can only focus on one or two products, so eco elc is bringing them all together in one place!  Helping the creators and helping you!  As a bonus most of these products are also full of natural ingredients, and some are even vegan!  We will be as clear as we can be for what items are vegan, what the products are made of and how they’re reducing your plastic consumption.

We would also love to hear from you.  What products have you found you want to share with everyone else?  How can we enhance your experience with eco elc?  At the moment we are focusing our efforts on Australian customers but get in touch for international shipping.

Thanks for supporting us in our mission!

The ee team x

Eco Easy Lifestyle Change #1

Refuse! Eco elc is about bringing you eco-friendly easy lifestyle changes. And the first one is refuse!

I think we started this obsession with plastic items out of what we were told was convenience over the last 100 years. And now that is just a part of our daily routine. However, we have the choice and power to change that reliance and see convenience differently.

We can start by looking at all the plastic around us and step by step start refusing. If you’re just starting out on a reduced plastic journey then try to consciously refuse the following:

– plastic bags for groceries and fresh produce

– that take away coffee cup

– the plastic cutlery. Are you really in a rush? Can’t you eat in?

– that plastic straw. You can do without, it’ll still taste the same, I promise!

– cling wrap! Is there another way to save that food? I’m sure you’ll find the answer is yes! I don’t own cling wrap at all anymore and I can’t help but cringe when I see something wrapped in it.

Now, if you’ve been doing the above for a while and it’s now second nature, let’s dive a bit deeper:

– do you need that new bottle of shampoo? Try the health store, they may have a shampoo bar.

– what about that bag of food? Is there a bulk store nearby that you could get what you need without the plastic packaging? I like taking my own containers to the bulk store.

– how about that toothbrush? A bamboo handle saves at least some plastic from landfill

– that water bottle. If you’re like me, I live in the mountains where the tap water is some of the best! Even if you don’t, is the plastic here forever worth that little bit of water?

– kitchen sponges and cleaning items. Go for the washable cloths and sponges.

Wherever you are on your journey, every little bit helps and is progress! Plastic has been a convenience we don’t need, and a habit we can break.

Stay with me on this journey, I can’t wait to make it easy for you to just click on any of the above and buy them like that! No searching, no time wasting!

Purchasing Power

If you’re Australian you’ll see this week one of our two major grocery stores has decided to bring back free plastic bags, one month into removing them.  This has kicked off a bit of backwards and forwards on social media.  Here’s my dream…

It’s not the grocery store’s fault that they have decided to make plastic bags free and available again.  They respond to demand and backlash, and we need to realise that every decision we make as consumer’s has an impact.  That’s our demand, and capitalism says that the stores will provide the consumer what they demand.  Basic economics.

We need to be conscious that whatever choices we make on a daily impact on so much around us.  We hold the power.  Look at the movements currently happening around plastic straws, that has come from some of us making a stand and saying no, and telling our friends why they should also say no.

Conscious purchasing is being aware constantly, so not switching off and doing the same thing you’ve always done.  It’s about looking for a box if you’ve forgotten your bags, or saying telling the bartender “no straw” before they make your G&T.  Or, even looking for the fruit not wrapped in plastic rather than grabbing a bag for the bunch of bananas.

There are options out there, but the problem is there are more plastic items than not on the market.  And, finding the plastic-free alternatives is hard, time-consuming and sometimes expensive.  What I want is to hook-up with these plastic free movers and shakers and make it easier for all of us to find these alternatives and make our purchasing power stronger.

Some items I don’t use plastic on:

  • toothbrush (bamboo all the way)
  • No plastic straws in drinks, ever.
  • Homemade mascara in an aluminum tin
  • Homemade deodorant in an aluminum tin
  • shampoo bars
  • soap bars
  • homemade moisturiser in an aluminum tin
  • bamboo hairbrush
  • no plastic bags for shopping
  • no bags for fruit & veg
  • Saying no to plastic cutlery
  • taking my own coffee mug, no plastic lined take-aways
  • taking my own containers for take away food

While I’m not always one to share my personal journey, I think being honest and sharing these things is important.  We can support each other & push forward to a society less reliant on plastic.

If you know of a great plastic-free mover and shaker, please get in touch.  I’d love to help spread their message and make items more readily available.

close up of tree against sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Natural but covered in plastic

I love seeing the evolution of products available that are chemical free and natural products that range from shampoo to soap to pet care.  The range of items available is changing every day and expanding.  This evolution really motivates me.

I want to see the evolution turn to offer these items in plastic free bottles and jars.  I honestly believe that by reducing the chemicals in the products we use we are only fighting one part of the battle.  The containers we use for these products stay within the environment longer than the chemicals we’re reducing by using natural ingredients.

I support the movements that we are seeing around removing straws and even today Grill’d committed to removing plastic straws from all of their stores.  It’s so good to see!!  What I would love Eco Elc to be is a place where you come and see what other options there are for you to try to remove plastic from your life.  I’d love for this to be where you come to find out news about other corporations committing to removing plastic.

So let’s work together.  Let’s make a conscious effort to try and remove plastic in our lives one item at a time and keep coming back here to see all the developments.

Perhaps you’ll commit to asking for no straw more often, or maybe you’ll research shampoo bars instead of liquid shampoo.  Whatever it is, I hope I can help you find it.