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We know that implementing the wonderful ideas you have found on our site can be hard, it takes 3 weeks of working daily at something to break a habit.  So given this, we are available to work one-on-one with you to help you change something in your life to be more Eco-friendly.  This could be changing your everyday habits or just working alongside you to help create a more Eco-friendly birthday party, wedding, girls night, sports night, anything!  We are stocked full of ideas and solutions that we can’t wait to share with you and work with you to grow!!  Please contact us at sam@ecoelc.com to arrange a skype or facetime date (looking forward to seeing your glowing face).

And, we are working on a directory for you to browse.  Once up and running, this directory will allow you to get in touch with some awesome movers and shakers who are incorporating Eco-friendly practices into their businesses.  At eco elc, we aim to have the most comprehensive list of Eco-friendly organizations on the planet, so please drop us a line with the details of any organizations you believe we need to include in our directory! Help us help you, and more importantly help the community of Eco-friendly worriers around the world!!

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